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Advanced Individual Social Skills Training

Two Rivers Behavioral Health is excited to offer advanced social skills training with Ann Marie Lusquinos, MS CCC-SLP.  Advanced social skills training involves learning and practicing the skills necessary for success in complex social situations, such as job interviews, work settings, dating, networking, and friendship development. Training may include learning how to read body language, initiate and sustain conversation, appropriately use humor, and increase an understanding of what others might be thinking and feeling.  Additionally, the training aims to enhance awareness of one’s own language and actions, as well as how they impact the ability to effectively communicate.   Ms. Lusquinos and Dr. Cohen consult with each client to tailor the training to the client’s needs and goals. 

Ann Marie Lusquinos has worked in the field of social skills training with adults and adolescents for twenty years.  She earned her Master’s Degree at Nova Southeastern University in Florida and has specialized training with adolescents and adults with complex communication needs.  If you are interested in hearing more about advanced social skills training, please contact Dr. Cohen at or (732) 200-2570.

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